Choosing an LST Radiator

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How to choose an LST Radiator

Low Surface Temperature Radiators are generally defined by the temperature the outer casing can reach. This will conform to NHS Estates Guidelines of 43 Degrees C with a water inlet temperature of 82 Degrees C.

Below are the key considerations when choosing an LST Radiator:

  • Confirm the Radiator is Designated as an LST - ask the supplier or manufacturer to confirm.
  • Establish the BTU heat outputs required - use calculator - Click Here
  • Check wall area space available and depth possible.
  • Consider additional LST safety requirements, pencil proof grilles, rounded edges, casing locks.
  • Does the heating piping need to be completely hidden?
  • Do I want the LST Casing to go to the floor or be above the Skirting board?
  • Do I want the LST Radiator to come as Flatpack (better for storage) or Preformed (easier for installation)
  • If High Outputs are required for a relatively small wall area consider Fan Assist Models

Below will give you some examples of Low Surface Temperature Radiator Specifications


Jaga Guardian LST - Preformed Casing,  Chamfered Corners, Pencil Proof Grille Option, Fast Fit.

Jaga Tempo LST - Flatpack Casing, Chamfered/Rounded Corners and Casing Locks Option.

Jaga Low Surface Temperature Radiators are available with Colour Options.

You can buy Jaga LST Radiators online at