Jaga Guardian LST Radiators

Monday, 2 September 2019  |  Admin

Jaga Guardian LST Radiators: Simply the Best!

Jaga Guardian LST Radiators Lead, Others Follow

When the term Low Surface Temperature Radiators is mentioned, Jaga Guardian features prominently. Jaga Guardian radiators are high output and fast-fit Radiators designed to fit your needs. This is why the Jaga LST Radiators have become top recommendations by experts, and favorite for installers as we’ll as End Users.

The design of Jaga Guardian Low Surface Temperature Radiators stands out because it builds on years of research and progressive technology. From the internal mechanics to the finishing, the Jaga Guardian LST Radiators can be summarized using one word: Excellence. That is why our LST Radiators lead, and others follow.

Jaga Guardian LST Radiators Delivers More

Every LST Radiator we release into the market for end-use is carefully tested to guarantee you of high value for money. Every Jaga Radiator is made with the heat exchanger piped on one end to make installation simpler. You will need less piping work and the cost is also low!

The Jaga Guardian LST Radiators can be mounted in two ways: one, with casing above skirting board; or two, casing to floor design. They are indeed impressive and will match with your interior décor well. And, this is not all!

Using Jaga Low H2O technology, our radiators save 16% more energy compared to traditional radiator models. This is your sure way to slash that electricity bill with Jaga Guardian LST Radiators.

Buy Jaga Low Surface Temperature Radiators Online

For Jaga Guardian, the underlying principle is ensuring that no matter your interior design, personal preference, and targeted energy efficiency, you will never miss a matching Low Surface Temperature Radiator. And, the process is simplified further; you can place your order online. See the top models below:

Take a closer look at the models and the Guardian Casing will mesmerize your eyes. The engineering experts went on overdrive when designing the LST radiators. The corners are well rounded for enhanced safety while the Heat Exchanger is fitted separately from the casing. This makes Jaga Guardian LST Radiators a one-man installation thing. Impressive! Here are other benefits you will only get from our LST Radiators:

  1. All Jaga Radiators come with a long warranty of 30 years for the high-efficiency copper/ aluminum heat exchanger.
  2. The LST Cover can easily be removed for cleaning or maintenance without disconnecting the piping. 
  3. When you order your Guardian LST Radiators from TradeLST.co.uk, you get Free Fast Delivery.