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Monday, 2 September 2019  |  Admin

The Secret of Jaga Tempo LST Radiators Elegance

Jaga Tempo LST Radiators: The Secret to Perfecting Your Space

When Jaga Tempo professionals set off designing the Low Surface Temperature Radiators, they leave nothing to chance. Well, you want to control the temperature of your facility? Jaga Tempo radiators are designed to also improve the space’s aesthetics. What a great way to get the best of both worlds?

For Jaga Tempo, the aim for LST radiators is not to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we build on the existing technology to ensure that every Jaga Tempo LST radiator guarantees the elegance you want. This is why more experts and installers alike are now recommending Jaga Tempo LST to end-users. Using our radiators is your sure step to elegance!

Jaga Tempo LST Radiators Designed to Perfection

Take a closer look at the Jaga Tempo LST Radiators mechanics and you will be impressed by the stylish casing. It is designed with a contemporary LST touch that will make your space sparkle.

After fixing Jaga Radiators on the wall, the smooth edges provide seamless sense of style to compliment your interior décor. Whether you have concrete or wooden flooring and well-painted wall, simply add Jaga Tempo LST Radiator and the results will be fantastic. See the full list of the available Jaga Tempo LST Radiator models below:

  1. Jaga Tempo LST Wall Mounted 120mm
  2. Jaga Tempo LST Wall Mounted 170mm
  3. Jaga Tempo LST Low Level Radiators
  4. Jaga Tempo LST Wall Mounted 220mm
  5. Jaga Tempo Free Standing LST Radiator

To enhance your space and deliver the best results, every Jaga Tempo LST radiator is engineered with a heat exchanger on one end. This LST Technology was a breakthrough after years of research and delivers two unique benefits:

  • Helps to make installation work less. Indeed, every Jaga Radiator is a one-man installation thing.
  • The design also helps to reduce piping. This means you are able to cut cost and get the installation done fast.

Go for Elegance with Jaga Tempo LST Radiators

There is one secret about Jaga Tempo LST Radiators that has now been revealed: high energy efficiency. They use the advanced Jaga Low H2O technology that produces energy savings of up to 16% on traditional radiator models. But Jaga Tempo did not stop here:

  • All Jaga radiators come with an impressive warranty of 30 years on their copper/ aluminum heat exchanges.
  • When you purchase a Jaga Tempo LST Radiator from TradeLST.co.uk, you get free and fast delivery.

Do you want elegance from Low Surface Temperature Radiators? Jaga Tempo LST Radiators are the best.