Why choose Jaga Low Surface Temperature Radiators?

Monday, 23 September 2019  |  Admin

Why Choose Jaga Low Surface Temperature Radiators?

Low surface temperature (LST) radiators are advanced air conditioning devices designed to help vulnerable people avoid radiator burns while providing adequate heating. LST radiator technology is a deviation from the traditional heaters that only focused on energy efficiency. Although there are many LST radiator models out there, the most outstanding is the Jaga low surface temperature radiators.

Jaga LST radiators have become the ultimate solution for people who want efficient heating without compromising aesthetics. Their designs and efficiency have endeared them to contractors, institutions and homeowners who want more than simply heating their spaces. If you are looking for a reliable heating system for your space, here are the benefits to anticipate from using Jaga LST radiators.

Jaga LST Radiators: How do they Work?

To fully understand the benefits that come with using Jaga LST radiators, the first point should be to comprehend how they work. They are heating systems engineered to condition your room using convectional current.

Hot water from a boiler is passed through a heating element made of aluminium and copper. The water cools down as it releases heat and leaves via the exit pipe while air is heated and circulated in the room through convection. Jaga LST radiators also use sensors to control the water boilers and room temperatures.  

The design of the Jaga LST radiators is unique. The heating element is positioned inside the radiator while the outer part is made of a separate casing. The entire system ensures there is no moment that the surface temperature of the radiator, including when the running at optimal rate, can exceed 43°C. This means that even if a person touches the radiator surface by mistake, he/she will not suffer burns.

Why You Should Choose Jaga Low Surface Temperature Radiators

For Jaga Heating, the primary goal is not to simply release new items into the market, but ensuring that every user enjoys high value for money. Therefore, here are the benefits of using their LST radiators.

  • Jaga Low surface temperature radiators are sold with guarantees. Every LST radiator designed by Jaga Heating is tested by engineers to ensure it will deliver the expected results. This is the main reason why past clients are coming back with positive feedback about the radiators.
  • For Jaga Heating, air conditioning systems should not conflict your interior décor goals. Instead, they should work together to make your space more enjoyable. Therefore, Jaga LST radiators are constructed to heat your space and enhance its aesthetic needs.
  • The design of Jaga LST radiators helps to simplify the installation process. The radiators come with piping on one end to make installation easy and fast. Indeed, installing a Jaga LST radiator is a one-man job. This means that you can cut installation-related costs with a huge margin.
  • A sure way to cut your power related bill. The technology used in Jaga LST radiators helps to cut cost with a huge margin. You can cut energy related cost by up to 16% using Jaga LST radiators.
  • The radiators are highly responsive to temperature changes. Jaga LST radiators use low-H2O technology, sensors, and responsive materials to promptly respond to changes in the room temperature. Even if the outdoor temperature changes suddenly, the radiators will respond promptly to maintain your room at the preset temperature range.
  • Easy to run with centralized management. If you want to monitor and control your temperatures digitally, Jaga LST radiators can also be connected with the building management system.
  • The radiators are built to last. Once you buy and install Jaga LST radiators, you can rest assured of uninterrupted air conditioning over a long period. This is the surest way to enjoy high value for money.

From delivering high efficiency to aesthetics, Jaga LST radiators are simply the best. To buy these high rated Jaga low surface temperature radiators, make sure to work with the authorized dealer, TradeLST. They have impressive technical support, deliver fast, and ship some items free!