Jaga Low Surface Temperature Radiators

Jaga are a Top Tier Manufacturer of Radiator Heating Products.

At TradeLST.co.uk we sell a number of Jaga LST Radiator ranges.

These include the Jaga Guardian, Jaga Cocoon and Jaga Tempo Low Surface Temperature Radiators.

We also optionally sell the Jaga Dynamic Boost Effect system for each of the LST models.

Jaga Heating utilise Premium Material, Cutting edge design and advanced manufacturing techniques and back their products up with market leading product warranties.

The Jaga LST Radiator heat exchanger is Copper and Aluminium constructed and has a 30 year manufacturers warranty!

Safety, Quality, Efficiency, Reliability, Heat Outputs and Ease of Installation are at the forefront of Jaga's design ethic in respect to LST Radiators.

Jaga's Low H20 technology minimises water usage while improving heat exchange, this allows significant end user savings and allows LST Radiator weights to be minimised aiding fitting. 

Jaga Low Surface Temperature Radiator Key Points

  • Rounded or Chamfered LST Casings
  • Replacement LST Casings available
  • TRV to Wall or Floor supplied
  • Heat Exchanger Supply and Return Piping at one end
  • Heat Exchanger Reversible to allow side connection designation
  • Lightweight Construction for ease of fit
  • Jaga Tempo supplied FlatPack for ease of LST storage and transport
  • Jaga Guardian LST with single piece casing for fast fit
  • Jaga Guardian with casing to floor or above skirting board
  • Jaga LST Highly Efficient with Fast Response
  • 30 Year LST Heat Exchanger Warranty
  • Optional Dynamic Boost Effect Technology
  • Optional Pencil Proof Grilles
  • Optional Casing locks

TradeLST.co.uk supply Jaga LST Radiator models with Free Fast Delivery!