LST Fan Assisted

The Jaga Fan Assist BTU Boost LST Radiator

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The Jaga Fan Assist BTU Boost DBE system is a high output LST Radiator designed to provide greater heat outputs for reduced wall area size by utilising increased air movement over heating elements.

As with all Jaga Radiator models the Guardian has a heat exchanger piped to one end to allow rapid installation and reduce pipework.

Low Surface Temperature Jaga DBE Radiator

Jaga's Dynamic Boost Effect Technology works on water temperature functioning in association with water temperature switching with your heating requirements as the thermostatic controls funtion or the central heating cuts in / out.

Should the Fan Assist BTU Boost be switched off the LST will continue to function as a normal radiator utilising standard thermostatic controls.

As with all Jaga Radiators the manufacturer provides a market leading 30 year Warranty on its copper / aluminium heat exchanger.

As an additional benefit the LST Cover can be removed without disconnecting the pipework to allow maintenance, cleaning or temperature setting.

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