Low Surface Temperature (LST) Radiators FAQ

What does LST stand for? 

Low Surface Temperature Radiator. A Radiator which is specifically designed to minimise the surface temperature for safety reasons while maintaining design heat outputs. Generally the external casing temperature needs to be maintained below a designated level usually the 43 deg C NHS Estates Health Guidance.

How do Jaga LST Radiators achieve the LST status?

Jaga LST Radiator covers are not directly connected to the internal heat exchanger which keeps the Radiator Surface Temperature Low and also aids the fast fitting capability for the installer making the Jaga LST Models the Plumber's choice.

What other considerations do I need to look at when choosing an LST?

As with all Radiator systems you need to ensure BTU / Watts heating output capacity will match your room heating requirements, we have a BTU calculator at the top of the page which will give you an approximation with which you can discuss with your Plumber. Aswell as heat you may want to consider the effects of impact so having LST with rounded or chamfered edges is preferable as per all Jaga models we sell. Pencil proof grilles and casing locks are also an option on some models for further safety and restriction.

How is the Pipework connected on a Jaga LST Radiator?

At TradeLST.co.uk we sell the Jaga Tempo, Jaga Guardian and Jaga Cocoon LST models. For faster installation and neater pipe work connection is made at one end for both supply and return connections. This end can be chosen by the heating engineer as the heat exchanger is reversible.

What Valving can be used on the Jaga Radiator Ranges?

We provide Thermostatic Valving with each Jaga LST Radiator and you just need to specify if you are sending the pipes to the floor or to the wall, these are simple fit valves and lockshields for 15mm copper pipe, you can off course install or modify your set up as required.

What is the Jaga DBE Technology?

This is Jaga's Dynamic Boost Effect Technology which is effectively a Fan Assist BTU Boosting system which draws air over the heating element which significantly improves the heat exchange and distribution of the warmed air, this effectively means for the same size radiator the output is noticeably increased as is the response rate.

Do I need an Electrical Supply for the Jaga DBE system?

Yes - The supply feeds the fans and the controls

How does the Jaga DBE work and can I switch it off?

The LST Fan Assist functions on water temperature which is determined by your Thermostatic Valves or the Central heating system. IE when the Valve opens or the Central heating comes on so does the Fan assist. You can switch off the DBE and the LST will function as a normal radiator.

What happens if the casing gets damaged?

We can supply replacement covers for all models we sell.

Can I remove the LST casing for cleaning?

Yes subject to removal of casing locks (if fitted) Jaga LST models are designed to allow cleaning and maintenance without pipework disconnection.